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( Sep. 12, 2018 )
New Members: Pam, rosie, Sabrael, Sorcha – Welcome!
Referrals: Cassidy (x1); Sorcha (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Bonus Weekly Set, Biweekly Set B
New Affiliates: Sweet Hearts
Level Ups: Selena (Level 2)


Shinya"Since I joined last week, I don't have enough cards to make good trades with members! so, what about a little help with a coupon of double biweekly games rewards? players with 200 cards or less? idk, just make your rules! thank you!" I know the pain of being a new member and not having enough cards to trade so ONLY if you have 300 or less cards, you may grab both a weeklygamerewards coupon AND a biweeklygamerewards coupon!

Sabrael"Adoptions are such a fun and unique part of the game, how about 150 Petals to help with those fees and find those stray characters new homes!" I'm happy to hear that! But how about everyone take 300 Sakura Petals instead, as well as an adoptiondiscount coupon OR an adoptionchange coupon! You can only pick ONE (1) of the coupons so do not take both!!


You may take a total of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Final Ranking Rewards for the 2nd Sports Festival event are now up on the forums! If you were a participant of it, do check it out to see your ranking and claim your final tier’s corresponding prize.

The Event Participation Achievements thread has also been updated with the requirements to apply for a 2nd Sports Festival and/or 2 Year Anniversary Achievement Badge so feel free to start requesting those now!


If you’re a member of our Discord Server (and if not, why aren’t you?! Join us!!) then you may know that we finally finished assigning official deck colours to all decks in the TCG! There may be a few decks where its officially listed colour might not quiet match up with the actual deck’s colour visually (in which case, you can ask me about just to verify as some deck colours were chosen by the deck maker and we just entered it as is) but for the most part, deck colours should be admin-approved.

With this project finally completed, we can now add something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now: colour-themed Grab Bags in the Flower Shop! As of today, whenever you purchase a Grab Bag in either of the card pack amounts, you now have the option of choosing a colour instead of the other usual types. You can also now purchase Custom Forum Rank Changes coupons as well! More information about both of these have been added to the Currency & Shops Information page.

You may also notice (or already have noticed) that some of our deck sorting/listing pages have also been updated and changed around a bit to show a deck’s official colour without needing to go to the deck’s own page! Other minor QOL(?) fixes include:
  • viewing the series we have decks from by text should be fully functional now (whereas before any series that had a slash in it would not lead to its actual page)

  • the “mastered by…” section on deck pages should no longer have a ~mystery member~ named “None” before the list of actual players who’ve mastered the deck

I also did a small activity check on the Members List again and moved anyone who hasn’t updated their post (either their activity or trade logs) in the past 1-2 months to inactive so hopefully the only members left listed should be ones who will (most likely) respond to trades consistently!

If you were one of the members I moved to inactive but are indeed still active because you still accept any trades that come in despite not updating your activity in months, I just accidentally moved you, etc. then please let me know so I can move you back to active!

We’ve had a bunch of new members recently which I’ve been super happy about seeing and we’re at 50 active members currently so how about some freebies? Everyone can take choice cards spelling out FIFTY as well as 13 random cards from here to celebrate the 13(!!) new members who’ve joined us in the past month and a half-ish!

Thank you to the new members for giving us a try, and thank you to our current members for staying active enough to give me reason to keep Sakura running for 2 years now!!


Even though we pretty much just finished the summer events, I'm already planning for the Halloween event in October! If I don't think of something else before the first, we will most likely not be doing another event deck this year like halloween2016 and halloween2017... but I've got some other ideas in store that I hope you guys will like (and may need some image donations for so keep an eye out for more info.)!!

Other than that, Aqua will see you guys on September 19 for the next update!

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