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( Jan. 04, 2017 )
New Members: Rose
Referrals: Mio (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Amber (Level 2); Becca (Level 6); Cas (Level 3); haleyrenee (Level 9); Kayori (Level 6); Mina (Level 9, Level 10); Mio (Level 10)

Wishing Tree

Cami / Eon / Liz / Tanna"I wish for choice cards spelling out HAPPY NEW YEARS!" I kind of paraphrased/combined all four of these wishes since they were similar but anyways-- No more than 2 per deck!

Megumi"I missed the deadline for the Christmas stuff, so I was wondering if everyone in the TCG could get 10 random cards from me (equivalent to a Holiday Grab Bag!). Happy New Year everyone <3" So grab the first 10 cards you see from the first randomizer here and comment with what you got!

Deck Release

The azusakinose is a leftover from Samu's requests for being last month's spotlight member (because I forgot to make and release that in time orz) so starting next week the first of haleyrenee's two deck requests for being this month's spotlight member will be released!

You may take a total worth of 8 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


You may have noticed that masteries were not included in this week's quick statistics and that is because we've decided to remove them for the time being! They may return in the future but for now, they're just too time consuming and are kind of tedious to do each week so we'll be taking a break from including those.

Now that there are more of you who have reached Level 10, I thought it might be a good idea to remind you guys on what to do for level ups from now on. Once you reach Level 10, you no longer change in rank (so there's no Level 11, Level 12, etc.) and you no longer get a custom badge since you're not changing in rank anymore.

However, you do still keep getting a reward for every 600 cards and 10 MP collected which you can claim by using the the second form in the Level Ups Information thread! (A note to Level Up staff: you do not have to post in our staff thread whenever a member who is at Level 10 claims a new set of rewards since the thread is meant to be used only to keep track of what badges we need to make, and who to update on the Members List!)

As for one of the new additions that I talked about before, I'll be introducing one of our new games: Coffee Shop which is basically a discussion-type game! Every so often, a new thread will be made with a topic or question that players can not only answer or respond with their own opinions and thoughts, but also respond to others' which hopefully leads to a discussion or maybe learning something new! The first round will go up later today so check the sub forum later if you want to participate~

Lastly, we're currently hiring new deck makers over on the forums! If you're interested, do check out the first post as well as my most recent post in that thread (which you can find here) for information and details on what to do. The deadline for applications is January 18th!


There will be some changes made to Upcoming Vote that will be effective starting next week, when the game opens up again for new votes. The change is that for the time being, we're going to try only allowing each player to vote for 1 deck!

I initially allowed 3 decks to be voted for because it seemed to work well at my other TCG (since it was much less active and there were less votes to fulfill so having more votes helped me figure out what had a majority vote and would be prioritized in releases) but I underestimated just how many active players there would be in Sakura. As a result, there were more votes to fulfill and thus not enough spots in a release to make sure there was something released for every player who voted and that older, less-voted-for decks were released. ;;

To counter that here, we had increased the amount of decks released each week but larger releases meant we went through our deck reserves on the Upcoming List quicker and I wanted to prevent that! Releases were only supposed to be around 8 decks per week anyways so with that i mind, I thought only allowing 1 deck to be voted for might help.

If not though, I will definitely make another change but for now, that's the new rule so please follow it! If any of you forget or look over this part of the update, Aqua will post a reminder about it in her update as well. And speaking of, that update will be on January 11 so I'll see you guys again the week after!

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Happy New Years!!

( Jan. 01, 2017 )
I hope everyone had a nice New Years Eve and that 2017 has been treating you nicely already! If not, there's still 364 days left in the year so hopefully it gets better!!! I wish everyone good health, good vibes, and all that good stuff so here's to another year!


First on the agenda are the Monthly Set of games which have all been updated so they are ready for you all to play! (This also includes the forum games.) And now that December is over, the Wishing Tree is back to accepting only 1 wish per player each month!

In addition, we are no longer celebrating December birthdays. :( However, if you were born in January then you are now allowed to pick up your present and apply for a Birthday Achievement Badge over on the forums! Please remember to do these two things before the month ends or you'll miss out on it and have to way until next year!!

Lastly, donation limits have been reset so those of you who maxed out your donations last month can now claim away again (if you haven't already started doing so)! Any decks that were claimed in December but were not donated on time have been removed from the spreadsheet and are free to be claimed by anyone, too!


Another month means another Sakura Spotlight member! Who will be the first of 2017?

Congratulations, haleyrenee, you are January's spotlight member! Please pick up your reward here and PM me on the forums once you've decided on which 2 decks you want to be released (and made, if necessary) before this month is over!


We've done it, guys! We've reached 50+ members and are currently sitting at a nice and visually pleasing grand total of 55!!! What a nice way to enter the new year. :’)

To celebrate, everyone can take the Event Achievement below as well as the usual monthly card! There's also one to celebrate Christmas and one for the new year so go ahead and grab them all!

Event Achievements: ev-201701, ev-55members, ev-newyears2017, ev-christmas2016


Since it is now January, that means the Christmas Event is now over so no more stockings can be stuffed, no more currency can be exchanged for cookies, no more trees can be put up, and no more gifts can be bought! From this point forward, we will only be finishing up on gift deliveries and allowing players to continue using the Gift Returns thread until 1 week from when we finish deliveries or the next weekly update— whichever comes first. (But I'll tweet out the final closing date once it has been decided!)

If anyone does return a gift after today's update goes up, the original sender will still be refunded the cookies used to buy that gift in their Christmas Tree thread but instead of using them to buy more gifts, they can be exchanged back to regular currency through the same Cookies Exchange thread from before! Just wait for me to post with the rates for cookie → currency exchanges before doing anything, please!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the event, and got lots of nice presents! Please look forward to our next event (whenever it'll be lol) and maybe a little gift from the admins that should be coming soon~


And now for some regular updates! Which really is just revealing a couple of the new changes I talked about previously, the first being that custom master badges will now be applied for in your own mastery thread! The existing mastery form will be edited to have a new field where you can link the image you want to use for a custom master badge (either by re-mastery or with the Character Skill that allows you a custom badge without needing to re-master a deck) which will then be dropped off by the Masteries staff for one of us to make.

The reason I’m doing this is because I noticed a few times in the past that custom badges were applied for before its deck re-mastery was rewarded so technically, the deck was not yet re-mastered and would not qualify for a custom badge as the player would only be shown to having mastered that deck once. I overlooked them at the time because I never did explicitly mention that masteries had to be rewarded before a custom badge could be applied for (since there are different staff who do masteries and make the badges) and I just kept forgetting to mention that but now that a new year is upon is, I thought now would be a good time to implement this!

With that being said, any masteries requesting custom badges posted after this update should be following this new rule (and to help this, I’ll be locking the Custom Badges thread for the time being) but anything posted before today will be honored and taken care of in the original thread ASAP!

The last announcement I have to make for now is regarding the Petal Shop and that is there will now be a limit of 15 requests per player per month at the Request Counter! By doing this, I hope it'll be easier for to me to stay on top of fulfilling those requests and stocking the Petal Shop quicker and with more items. If you've made any requests prior to today that don't follow this new rule, I will still do them like normal! This rule only applies to all requests made after today.


There will be more changes coming this month along with the introduction of some new games which may even show up by this Wednesday at the earliest so keep your eyes peeled! I will most likely be looking for staff to run these games once they're ready to go as well but more information regarding that will be posted on the forums at a later date.

Now, I think that's it for today! To finish off, how about everyone take 2 choice cards with the number 1 in it somewhere, and with no restrictions or limits? Any card that ends in 01, 10, 11, 12, etc. or has a 1 in it somewhere is free game so just comment with what you're taking, and I'll see you guys again on January 4 for our regular weekly update!

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